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Aria Industrial Group has used many years of experience in designing, producing and executing numerous projects in our beloved country, using its many years of experience in the market and also utilizing the latest knowledge of urban furniture. Due to the increasing growth of urbanization and the need to pay more attention to the quality of urban furniture and to beautify the cityscape, standardization of products according to proven principles and approved by regulatory bodies is necessary.
Therefore, Aria Industrial Group, in offering its services to our dear customers, has followed these principles:
– Observance of national and international standards in design, production and implementation
Design of diverse and beautiful products –
Observe the optimal production principles to increase the quality –
12 months product warranty –
After-sales service for 60 months –

Years of experience

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Equipping Bushehr beach


The project was carried out in March 2015 under the leadership of Mr. Gholam Ali Miglynejad, the mayor of Bushehr. Due to the high sensitivity of the project, the Bushehr Municipality Executive Team, led by Mr. Ramezani, the Deputy Executive Mayor of the Bushehr Municipality, visited the production site of the company to ensure that Aria Industrial Group was able to do the job. After the visit, they requested specific design for the Bushehr coastline, with the necessary arrangements being made and approved within two weeks of designing the Bushehr bench and trash can.
The project used 430 benches in 3 models and 260 trash in 2 models. It should be noted that 120 benches and 80 rubbish bins were installed on the beach and the rest were in the city.
The benches were made of cast iron with metal chassis and beech for sitting and backing. The buckets also had a metal chassis with beech facade, as well as sealer and cooler in the color of the woods to withstand the sun, humidity and salt of the Bushehr Sea and not be vulnerable.


Timely delivery

Timely delivery
Timely delivery of orders, good quality and mass production power are also benefits of working with Aria Sanat Group.

Special design

Special design
You can enjoy the unique benefits of working with us once. The unique design for your special projects is also a privilege that will make your project unique in the country.

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